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Name : Jamel Comedy club
DOB : 18 Jun , 1975
Desc : LE JAMEL COMEDY CLUB a Londres, c'est lundi 20 JUIN 2011 au COMEDY STORE a Piccadilly more
Name : NAAD Arts
DOB : 11 Mar , 1965
Desc : NAAD Arts is a London based non funded, not for profit organization that promotes Indian Classical Music in UK. In line with its vision of "keeping alive the tradition", NAAD organises "Present & F more
Name : Planet Egypt
DOB : 16 Jan , 1970
Desc : I organise monthly belly dance shows in London (Professional national/international level)some of these are occcasionally with live music I promote Arabic dance, music and culture See here for more
Name : Hans Vermeersch
DOB : 30 Jun , 1957
Desc : Hans Vermeersch: violinist, viola and viola d'amore player, composer, arranger and translator of the Rajhans Orchestra and Rajhans Ensemble . Performing Rabindranath Tagore's music with my own more
Name : Ballet Nimba
DOB : 28 Feb , 2010
Desc : Ballet Nimba combines 6 agile and graceful african dancers with live music provided by a Fulani Flute ; Ngoni( african acoustic guitar) and the Bolon Bata (bass instrument). All this with percussion f more

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