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Name : Sam mean lil mama Payne
DOB : 10 Dec , 1976
Desc : I have travelled extensively with music from Powys to Brazil, with Ireland, Germany, Holland and Spain on the way. I encompass many genres of music. At present I go out solo in the blues/jazz world as more
Name : Fran?ois Essindi
DOB : 03 Mar , 1970
Desc : Cameroonian, musician and storyteller FRANCOIS ESSINDI is ABAKUYA?s music group member. Their music is the result of a search for the healing elements of polyphonic traditional music from central Afri more
Name : Rhonda Taylor
DOB : 24 Oct , 1966
Desc : I am currently working on a goal to release one song a day for the 365 days of 2011. I have several dozen ALBUMS worth of original material. None of these songs will be for sale...most will be more
Name : Isabel Novela
DOB : 01 Jul , 1985
Desc : Composing music and singing is one of her big passions in life. She writes her lyrics in Portuguese, English and Chopi/Shangana ( dialects from Mozambique). Her music can be best described as being more
Name : Vincent lapie
DOB : 23 May , 1971
Desc : Singer song writer My music is a mix of acoustic jazzy songs tinted with Bossa Nova and with a distinctive taste of "Chanson Francaise" Front man of the Jim Jims We were recently describe as "A bri more

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