The profile of No-Limitt started in the year 1994 when the group met and agreed to be as one under same umbrella, The the group name was DFL Meaning Da fresh Lads, The group went on with so many challenges of booking a studio for their first voice over, The group performed in various carnivals in Lagos state and out of the state where the group gained a lot of recognition as upcoming artiste. In 1999, the group met with Ase Music and the group was signed for the period of Four(4) years, The group enjoys good air play because of the single that was released popularly known as Enemies won lenu mbe, many schools performance was done then, but the group face so many challenges regarding financial problem on the mass production marketing of the album, which eventually lead to the poor sales of the album, and piracy took over the sales, the album reigned and sold everywhere in the nation but the artiste in particular didn\'t benefit from what they laboured for. The urgly incident disorganized the group then, and one of the member of the group left, known as Scrindee, leaving Skeldee and Danny for the task ahead. After scrindee left there was a Renaissance of the group in the year 2003 for NO-LIMITT since then God has been doing great and marvellous surprises for the group. In the year 2008,the group met with Didier Kussu, And in 2009 No-Limitt was signed under an international Publishing label known as AFRICAN MUSIC PUBLISHING (AMP),No-Limitt in 2011 signed an International recording deal with an American base Record Label known as Tropical Records. No-Limitt Full Album of Ten Tracks has been released on the 24th of MAY 2011 all over the music stores in the world. No-Limitt has been destined by Almighty God to bring home the GRAMMY AWARD for Africa and for Nigeria. We play typical African music known as AFROLIFE MUSIC founded by us (No-Limitt). Our Album was released on MAY 24TH 2011 and is selling fast all over the stores world wide...
Date of Barth:04/03/1973
Looking for:music tour/concert show

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