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World Music Promotion is a dynamic promotion company that brings the world to your doorstep. We feature diverse types of music from all corners of the world to appeal to the World's colourful mix of cultures. It is our goal to reach out to a cosmopolitan population who have a passion for music. WMP gives you a chance to sample music and culture and indulge yourself in a sound both traditional and new.

Founded in 1999 by Jean-Paul Lemiere, World Music Promotion started off bringing Planet Rai, featuring well renowned DJ's Hamed Zagoule and Max Reinhardt to the stage of the Leopard Lounge; along with 100% Brazilian featuring Beto Daltro and his band. Then saw the beginning of Rai, Algerian and Moroccan bands grooving to the beat with Cheb Nacim and Momo.

We have also organised many other concerts over the years with artists such as Faudel, Natasha Atlas, Hamidou, Devora Davis, Congo Vibes, Mauricio, DJ Ravin (Buddah Bar X launch party), worked many`time`in collaboration with talented performers such as Moon Violin, DJ Naz and many more

WMP also has a new fan base. By joining, you will be updated on new events, festivals around the world and can take advantage of our ever-changing promotions as well as getting discounts at selected venues!

While visiting WMP, you can listen to our partner's radio stations, read World News, check out regularly the artist's profiles, and much more to come...

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